Starting Over

Everything prior to this post, disregard. I’m starting over here. But I don’t want to delete that stuff, it’s my past and you can’t erase your past. Just know it’s been a long time and everything different now. My son is now 12 (GAH!) I own a house. I have a 3rd dog. I switched … Continue reading

The REALLY important stuff

We’ve all been asked in Myspace surveys (YES, I said Myspace), “What five things could you not live without?” Everyone generally lists kids, spouses, pets, computers, and cell phones. Men will often add video game consoles to their list. I’m certain I’ve answered that way in the past. But today I’m aware of the things … Continue reading

Wait … What?

Wait … What?

Remember the 80s in the San Fernando Valley when they sprayed this stuff at night and you were told to keep your windows closed and everyone was worried about it being toxic and your parents were angry every time they announced the spraying? I do. Which is why I had a total PTSD-esque flashback in … Continue reading